East HappyLand Garden and Brewery

Today we begin a new Chapter at East HappyLand Brewery and quite possibly the first attempt at brewing a 100% Louisiana local homegrown homemade beer.  Do we expect failures along the way? Of course… Do we expect to ultimately brew a five gallon batch of Louisiana grown, malted, bittered and brewed beer? Abso-freaking-lutely!!!

Brewery Logo East Happyland


The East HappyLand Garden and Brewery got its name from the parish in which our farm is located, East Feliciana.  In the eighteenth century and early part of nineteenth century, East and West Feliciana Parishes were part of West Florida. They were under Spanish rule until the Florida revolt in 1810.  West Florida then became a part of the Orleans Territory.  Feliciana Parish was formed on December 22, 1810.  It was annexed to Louisiana on August 12, 1812; then on February 17, 1824, the parish of Feliciana was divided to form East and West Feliciana Parishes. Thompson Creek separates the two. The name Feliciana was taken from the Christian name of Felicite de Sant-Maxent, wife of Don Bernaldo de Galves, the governor of Spanish Louisiana who gained control of West Florida from the Brits during the American Revolution.  “Feliciana” is a Spanish word which means “happy land” and since our farm is located in East Feliciana the brewery/garden name was born. Welcome to “East  HappyLand!”

Being located north of Interstate I-10 provides a sub-ecosystem that provides slightly cooler weather than our friends in the Acadiana Parish’s and is located at the base of “hill country”.  However the Louisiana interpretation of hill country is slightly different than most …it is the beginning of some changes in topography. Located at the most southern edge of the Longleaf Pine Forest that historically spans northward along Mississippi River and on the edge of USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Zone 9a/8b with an extreme minimum freeze temp. of 15-25°F.  These are the conditions and restraints set forth on this project.


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