In Progress…Hops, Barley, & “Hop Fertilizer” in Louisiana

Quick ‘Brewing Your Own Beer’ Update 2/23/15 Jackson, Louisiana

Hop Garden:  Trellis re-construction began on 2/20/15.  The fall/winter storms knocked over my hop trellis and I’ve been dragging my feet on replacing it.  However my Centennial Hops began sprouting this past weekend so its go time… Poles have been concreted in place.


Barley Garden:  Barley is still growing strong, except for a dead irrigation battery for few weeks, and I haven’t had any issues this winter.   I have noticed a slight yellowing to some of the growth plot. If anyone can provide some insight as to what the cause might be please speak up….thanks!  Although it could be the lack of irrigation the last few weeks.

IMG_1322 IMG_1323

Update 3/2/15:  The yellowing was due to the faulty irrigation system and after only two days of irrigation the winter barley began heading. Its an exciting day to be a beer enthusiast, beer farmer, and homebrewer!!!


Chicken Coop/ Hop Fertilizer:  The coop has been moving forward although rather slowly as Mardi Gras took all my attention for a couple weeks.  The coop is sized to house 15 hens although I’m thinking I’ll limit starting this chicken endeavor to 5 hens.

IMG_1314 IMG_1212

My apologizes for such a quick and dirty post but I realized I hadn’t spoken to you all for awhile… Felt a project update was due.  Happy Gardening, Brewing, and Beer Consuming. I’ll see you soon. Cheers!


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